And So It Begins

“In the beginning it was all black and white ” 

Maureen O’Hare-

I guess it would be prudent to introduce myself. My name is Isabelle Deltore and I’m … well I don’t even know what category I fit into anymore. But for lack of a better explanation, I’m in the adult industry.

Sometimes I’m just a house dancer in Australian gentleman’s clubs, your average run of the mill stripper. Sometimes I’m a headline feature, boasting to be the only two time winner of the top Showgirl title in the world, Miss Nude World (2015 & 2018). Sometimes I’m a webcam model, or cam girl. And sometimes I’m an adult actress in videos that we call porn, of late, I’ve been dabbling in being behind the camera rather in front of the camera. But I wasn’t always a employee of the XXX industry.

I had several career paths prior to beginning in the adult industry as a dancer. I had a slew of mundane jobs, customer service, sales, blah blah blah blah. You get the picture. I decided at my last boring 9-5 job for a government department, I wanted something else, so I decided to go back to university. I was 25.

A double Bachelor in Social Work and Human Services, a ton of sociology lectures, some politics subjects, a heap of psychology tutorials and a part time job at a Youth Correctional Facility. I wanted to save the world one law breaker at a time. I coupled my time at Youth Justice with a short, very short stint as a reservist with the Australian Army. A “try before you buy” kind of deal. I didn’t last long because of ongoing sexual advances by another reservist. Something that would be my reality for the rest on my life.

Youth Justice gave way to working as a prison officer at a maximum security, all male facility. The four years at Youth Justice had left me with severe PTSD after suffering numerous assaults by inmates and one by particularly, angry male staff member. They did their best to sweep it under the carpet and hope to god I didn’t sue them. I probably should have, I was just too broken to do it.

I lasted just shy of one year at the adult facility. Again plagued by unwanted sexual advances and continuous bullying, all my other staff members. I was one month off from having cosmetic surgery on my breasts, nose and chin. I couldn’t cope with the imminent promise of more bullying and discrimination that would happen after my surgery. I had to do something.

I walked into Spearmint Rhino in Melbourne, I watched the girls, the customers and staff. If i was going to be sexualised my whole life by men, god damn it, I was going to get paid for it. My first dance I did, well, it was terrible. They guy should have asked for a refund. “you dance like a snake” he told me. He wasn’t wrong, it was awful. But I went home that night with my whole fortnightly earnings in my wallet. I promptly sent an email of resignation to the prison at 4 am.

And that is the beginning of Isabelle Deltore.



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