Webcam. Real me, real time.

“I always wear a smile, because you never know who is watching”

Gracie Gold-

Is webcam the new way to connect? Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about when I mention “I’m logging onto webcam” and some don’t. For those who don’t know, let me quickly explain.

I have a designated room at home, which is awesome by the way, that is just for webcamming. I have my laptop handy and a cute outfit to boot. I tend to fuss about with my lighting way more than is necessary. But I want to make sure that my room and I look just right. I tend to primp and fuss before I log on.

I’ll then log onto my chosen webcam site, for me it’s My Free Cams. Members and non-members alike can view what’s known as my “Room”. This is just the live stream that my laptop is catching. I’ll set “Goals” for the day, which are reached when members tip me online with tokens. You can purchase them once you sign up to My Free Cams. Once each token goal is reached, members are rewarded with the action that was set for that specific goal. For example: I’ll get topless at 2000 tokens. If everyone watching tips 50 tokens, I’ll get topless real quick.

Another cool thing with webcam is that you can be greedy as and steal me away from everyone who is watching me in my “Room”. You can have me ALL to yourself. Just you me and our webcams baby!

If your’e still a little curious and it seems like a lot to take in, I suggest you log in one day and have a cheeky look. But don’t say I did’t warn you, it’s a lot of fun.

So the question was, is webcam the new way to connect? For me, yes. It defiantly is. There are so many people from all corners of the world who I can now chat with, hang out with and play out fantasies with. All in real time. I’d never get a chance to connect with these people any other way. Plus I get to have a great time too. Can’t argue with that.

Make sure you check my Twitter for updates of when I’ll be on My Free Cams next. Or check out my page/room: IsabelleD



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