Closing The Doors

After almost eight years in the adult industry as a dancer and showgirl. I feel it’s time to start moving on from some things. I know I’ve been signing this tune for a few months now, but I realised something today. As I start winding up certain aspects of “Isabelle Deltore” I’m finding it’s providing to be harder than what I expected.

I had full intention to completely stop dancing on a regular basis in the clubs come August last year. Hence the false start retirement a few months back. While I’ve definitely reduced my club time considerably, I’m still not out completely. One foot in and one foot out is all I’d managed thus far. With the exception of a special appearance interstate on the odd occasion, I wanted to be out completely.

Perhaps old habits die hard. But on reflection, it’s more that I hadn’t actually accepted retirement. I still very much identified as Isabelle the showgirl. And I still could not accept that the industry has changed so much, that I don’t recognise it anymore. Perhaps it’s time to completely commit to retirement.

I have removed any reference to titles I have won from my social media. Partly because of rising pressure from social media platforms due to the FOSTA/SESTA bill. But also because I wanted to give life to moving on from an old identity and moving on in another direction.

Asking companies to also remove my profiles from their advertising online, has for the most part, been tedious. But the companies obliged. With one exception, of course. There’s always one who is just “that guy” and no one likes “that guy”. I’d only been asking since February 2017 … It’s now mid 2019.

I’m not longer dancing at clubs. I’m no longer available for stage shows (despite what “that guy” was advertising).

Thank you to all who have inspired me to create and produce stage shows I’m most proud of. To the people who believed in me and helped me. Most of you have no idea how much you helped me. Thank you to the other girls in the industry I had the pleasure of competing against and with. Thank you to the girls I’ve hussled with. And thank you to the venues who shaped me, some for the better and some for the worse.

Now to completely finish up and move on. No more late nights and 7 inch stilettos. Farewell big stage shows and competition. Welcome to a new direction.