I get asked this a lot. I want to see your photos & videos, but which Onlyfans? Okay, I have 2 Onlyfans accounts. Here’s the breakdown.

My main Onlyfans account. Most people join this one This account, the subscription is only $5 per month. My main Onlyfans gets my newest videos & photos first. Yes, I send you boy/girl & girl/girl videos. I send my private, never seen before videos to members. I post every day on there & send you cute photos in your DM’s for free. I chat with everyone! EVERYONE. I try & go live as often as I can, so make sure you keep an eye out for those announcements. I also do custom videos if there is something special you’d like to see. There are extra videos & photos you can unlock in your DM’s daily. But you can chose what you’d like to watch & what you don’t. It’s totally up to you.

Then there is my VIP Onlyfans. This is for the die hard fans This account is $10 per month. I post nudes on there every other day and will send you nudes in your DM’s too. I chat with my subscribers daily & will even send you cute voice messages every now & then. I also send you extra videos & photos in you DM’s you can unlock if you like. But I keep those on the lowest amount Onlyfans allows you to charge.

The content on both accounts:

❤ Boy / Girl videos ❤ Girl / Girl videos ❤ Solo videos ❤ Squirt videos ❤ Anal videos ❤ Custom videos & photos ❤ Nude photos ❤ Home videos & photos ❤

Hope that helps you chose which Onlyfans is right for you 😘