To Webcam or Not To Webcam?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a digital rock. Most of you will have seen the monumental blowup of Onlyfans the past year. You can now interact with your favorite performer or content creator on a whole new level. And it’s relativity inexpensive now. Making Onlyfans even more alluring. However, will it replace the experience only live webcam and provide?

I found that the real time exchange and banter that you only can get from live webcam just isn’t available on Onlyfans. Don’t get me wrong, I literally spend hours and hours on Onlyfans chatting to members. Happily might I add, I have some of the most awesome members. Absolute legends. But it’s just not quite the same as a webcam show, even the live functions on Onlyfans just doesn’t quite beat webcam.

Having said that, there is a flip side with webcam. I would say most, probably 99% of people who are tuned into my webcam broadcast. Are there to have a good time. But very now and then, you that one asshat. Sure you can boot them and block them from your chat. But as a performer, if you’ve been working your little tushy off. And jump on webcam a little tired. Being able to manage your response to that one asshat get’s a little tricky.

I guess the key to giving a great webcam show, is having balance. I mean, I’m on webcam to have fun just as much as everyone else there is too. So making sure that I’m rested, feeling good, balanced and in a good place is the secret to good webcamming.

Keep an eye out for my twitter for my next webcam times 🙂