Tall Poppy Syndrome

The tall poppy syndrome describes aspects of a culture where people of high status are resented, attacked, cut down, strung up or criticised because they have been classified as superior to their peers. – Wikipedia

In some way or another, I’ve always been a target of Tall Poppy Syndrome. At least while I’ve been in the adult industry anyway. Sometimes I’d experience it in person, but usually I’d experience it online.

When I first started building Isabelle Deltore, it was only for myself. Just to see how far I’d get with it. I had no goals or direction, it was just for fun, it certainly was never meant to be serious. However, I soon noticed that the more I achieved, the more attention I attracted. Both positive and negative. Oddly enough the negative wasn’t really from members of the general public, it was from my own kind. People within the Adult Industry.

I started to notice a pattern. When I would achieve say, a magazine cover, a showgirl title, launch my website, any kind of milestone really. My social media would be targeted. I would receive abusive messages from fake accounts, created by other people in the industry. My accounts would also be mass reported. Multiple fake accounts would report my social media accounts for various things. Hoping that I would lose that particular account.

The unfortunate thing is that the harder I work, the more my brand grows, the worse the targeting becomes. Oddly enough, the thing that saddens me about being the victim of Tall Poppy Syndrome is not the outcome of the targeting. It’s the realization that it’s the tell tale sign of a fragmented industry. An industry with no leadership and as a result there are insecure performers and service providers. That is far more upsetting to me.

While there is a fragmented Australian Adult Industry, with no leadership or governing body. The cruel deeds, bullying, targeting, whatever you want to call it, will go unpunished and those responsible are not held accountable. There are no consequences for poor behavior within the industry. Let me assure you, I’m not the only one who has been on the receiving end of Tall Poppy Syndrome, and many have had far worse outcomes than me.

As a result of very little leadership, by an independent body with in the industry. We do not come together, united for a common cause anymore. There are no longer social events, where EVERYONE in the Australian Adult Industry is welcome and invited. There are no impartial bodies within the industry, that can bring us together anymore.

I believe that if we were to have annual social gatherings for the industry. You then have a face, a person to attach to that social media platform. You see the person, no just the Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. If we were able to meet and socialize with each other, all under an umbrella of a united governing body. Those in the Australian Adult Industry that display unprofessional, antisocial and just rude behaviors would be held accountable. Plus we’d get a chance to have an awesome time and talk shop with each other.

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One thought on “Tall Poppy Syndrome

  1. Joel says:

    A lot of people are usually jealous and petty. It’s a sad fact…because hating on you distracts them from their own problems. They are looking, if you will, for their personal Trump. Lost your job? Trump’s fault. World going wrong? Trump’s fault. Earnings down because there’s a gorgeous girl next to you? TRUMP X 50. 90% of people want to see you fail – the trick is to find the 10% and make all your friends there. It’s a lonely road 😦


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